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  • How do leaders create a productive workforce?
    This is the last of our podcasts around our leadership model. This time we explore the leader’s role in process. Leadership creates stability and change, and this dichotomy shines through when it comes to process. How do leaders deal with the dual roles of creating efficient and consistent approaches, while at the same time continually […]
  • How do leaders balance technical expertise and leadership?
    Continuing our series on the day to day leadership, and what is it that leaders do.  This time we consider the balance between being the leader and being a subject matter expert.   Often people are asked to become leaders because of their strong technical skills; then they are expected to step back from the day-to-day […]
  • How leaders create and destroy accountability?
    Leaders want their followers to take accountability for their deliverables.  Most leaders think about what they can do to get more accountability, yet rarely consider what they might be doing that is destroying the very accountability that they are looking for. Paul, Ricky and Rob explore what accountability means, and how leaders can create a […]