At Thinking Focus we believe that teams and business units underperform. Not by choice, but often because of organisational or self-imposed constraints. We believe your THINKING affects the ACTIONS you take, and these ACTIONS determine the RESULTS you get.

Our goal is to leave a company more profitable and productive than we found it, with a healthier way of thinking. We strive to impact our clients on a personal level, not only a professional one, and we aspire to create more value to a company than just the bottom line.

What’s our Approach?    How Do We Do It?    Glad You Asked…

Our core principle is easy to understand

The core of what we do is to help people understand how their thinking works, and how their mindset can either be helpful or get in the way. By teaching people how to think and work differently, by defining a clear and common vision, Thinking Focus is able to unlock productivity, implement change and deliver sustainable results.

We take the latest research about productivity and behavioural change and make it more accessible, enabling people to take practical steps towards higher efficiency. We then provide organisations with a comprehensive toolkit, creating a common language and approach that enables their employees to quickly and easily deliver measurable business impact. We are passionate about ensuring our customers realise a rapid return on investment.

Our aim is to deliver long-term sustainable behavioural change. We work with our clients to develop solutions that stick, transferring knowledge, skills and expertise to enable teams and organisations to become self-sufficient and deliver repeated results.

We are convinced that through developing the mindset and thinking skills needed to achieve high performance, people and teams realise their full potential and deliver transformational business results.

Our Strategies for Success hinge on 3 key approaches:

  • Create the “Perfect Storm” by aligning leadership behind a common vision and unified message
  • Enable employees to learn and grow in an encouraging environment
  • Empower Ownership, encouraging employees to personally invest in the success of the programme

By using a series of models structured around the psychology of how we think, we help leaders and managers embrace the process and take control of the transition that they and their teams need to work through.