Thinking Focus deliver results

We work with teams in organisations that range in size from one hundred to one hundred thousand people in the UK, North America, Europe and Asia.  Here is a selection of some of the recent work we have been involved in, and some of the incredible results that our clients have been able to generate with our help.

Working together with the milling and baking division of Allied Mills, Thinking Focus was engaged to help drive a Continuous Improvement mindset throughout the organisation. The business driver was to continually find year on year savings. The impact was a real cultural shift.  Senior leaders and project teams were aligned and empowered to seek out and drive solutions across the organisation.  Allied Mills identified over £500k in savings across their organisation and freed up critical time by removing duplication throughout their process, realising a return of more than 10 times their initial investment.

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What our customers say about us.

“Thinking Focus deliver programmes that are suited to a global commercial environment; relevant, well-paced and extremely practical”
Hilary Wright (Domino Printing)
“Application of the TF toolkit across our business has been hugely successful resulting in more engaged employees and a Best Companies 2* – practical strategic thinking that delivers!”
Laura Jones (FBC Manby Bowdler)
“The value  brought to our team is in making us aware of our own strengths and capabilities to change our working environment for a better place”
Beata Cieślak (Egmont Printing Service)

Our partnership with Domino exceeded both of our expectations. Domino Printing Sciences is a global brand operating in over 120 countries. We were asked to design a custom Global Leadership Programme for 15 selected leaders throughout the business. We targeted 3 major areas of focus: Personal Effectiveness & Impact, Team Leadership & Vision, and Managing Change. Our programme consisted of a 3-day intensive workshop that focused on increasing consumable sales, delivering a channel market improvement plan and building a collaborative product-to-solution strategy. After a 90 day period of implementing what they’d learned, Domino leaders had exceeded that goal by identifying £24m of potential revenues and £1m of potential savings.

Our work together was not only highly profitable but eye opening as well. We are currently working with another 45 up & coming leaders from around the Domino world.

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Experience a Thinking Focus workshop

The Thinking Focus Programme empowered me to take ownership; this was particularly energising.
I realised that many of the limitations to success were self-imposed, and I had the power to change this by identifying and defining the blockers and breaking down my assumptions.
Lesley Durrans (Devenish Nutrition)
“I took a lot from the experience of working with Thinking Focus because, I now understand the systems or tools available, I have changed my approach to problems and apply them in my everyday life.”
David Edgar (Allied Mills)
“Rob is the sort of person who you feel has your best interests at heart and is one of those rare people who truly listens to what you are saying. He then always comes up with some sort of really insightful observation which results in an “A-ha” moment for you.”
Lucy Valentine (Genesis Care)

Our partnership with Ryan Direct Group (RDG) was both ambitious and extremely successful. RDG are one of the UK’s largest providers of insurance solutions including distribution, claims management and claims validations services for insurers. Thinking Focus was asked to customise a leadership program which, if achieved, would see the business meet its growth targets and meet the business plan over the next five years.  With our help, RDG achieved double-digit revenue growth, improve their customer experience and optimise their business processes.

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