The four of us have known each other for a long time…almost 10 years and with this crew, that’s a LONG time. We’ve worked together on and off throughout the years, most recently at a previous company. We soon discovered with our chemistry and passion we should (and could) launch our own business and go out on our own. Scary yes, but we quickly realised the business relationships we’d built over the years, the care and loyalty we’d invested, would follow us and help build our foundation. We each pride ourselves in being relationship builders and this was proof that we didn’t just talk the talk, we walked the walk.

Richard    Rob         Paul     Ricky

We’ve worked with massive international companies, as well as medium-sized enterprises and everything in-between. Our successes run across a variety of sectors including law, housing, agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and financial services in the UK and abroad.

We are united by three things: a passion to create an impact in businesses we work with, a recognition that there is always a better way, and a real sense of enjoyment when we work together—whether that be working with clients, developing products or exploring new business models and opportunities.

We believe that a healthy and happy work environment is a productive one, and we are an example of this belief. The experience has taught us that your thinking ABSOLUTELY determines your actions and the RESULTS you get…see what we did there?