Do you need to build a Continuous Improvement culture?
Is your CI culture not “sticking”?
Does your company need to work smarter to cut costs?

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Many organisations use the phrase Continuous Improvement or (CI). This method helps to identify opportunities and streamline work while reducing wasted time and unproductive thinking. Continuous Improvement is the ongoing effort by everyone in the organisation towards continued, gradual improvements to processes, products and services.

This is a fantastic concept and when executed, encourages employees to take ownership of making changes, spotting problems and coming up with improvements. However, people are often waiting for others to make that change. Do you hear “we will never be allowed to change that” or sense an obvious fear of “rocking the boat”? When this type of thinking exists, Continuous Improvement can be very hard to implement and sustain.

In order to streamline a system or process, your team must first streamline their thinking and approach. “Quality Thinking” is the most crucial element needed to achieve success. Companies need healthy work environments where people not only feel safe to share their thinking, but feel safe to identify the obstacles and problems as well as solutions and ideas. This culture must first begin at the top.


At Thinking Focus our first priority when focusing on CI is your Senior Management. We guide them towards the behaviours and attitudes that are required of them as senior leaders in order to make the CI programme a success. They will also explore what sponsoring and mentoring through a CI programme looks like. Your Senior Managers will be challenged to change and let go of old thinking while exploring new possibilities and ideas about how they lead moving forward.

We then help your leaders focus on what they want to improve and define how it will make an impact on performance. After developing a robust plan of action and clearing away unproductive thinking, Continuous Improvement is ready to take hold.

Continuous Improvement is 90% mindset and 10% process. If you find your Continuous Improvement programme is just not sticking, let us help you focus on changing the underlying behaviours and mindset to achieve success.