“Hutch” is our resident psychologist. He is insanely curious about everything. He’s always researching or asking questions about things, then running off to find the answers. He knows stuff. He remembers stuff. He makes connections between elements of our work, the needs of our clients and the outside world — enabling us to plan and deliver our clients’ solutions more effectively.  He is a wealth of knowledge and has a wide range of expertise in technology, PR, marketing, and communications. Paul has a passion for solving problems; his tendency to see the world differently makes him an asset to our company.

Paul has two loves: new technology and the psychology behind why people do what they do, or don’t do for that matter. Thinking Focus combines these two passions and allows him to “geek out” as needed. He’s also a member of the British Psychological Society which ensures we stay up to date with developments in human behaviour and cognition. So yeah, he’s smart. We try not to let that go to his head…

Paul Hutchinson