Ryan Direct Group (RDG), are one of the UK’s largest providers of insurance solutions including distribution, claims management and claims validations services for insurers. RDG combines the latest technology partnered with great customer service to provide insurance solutions to some of the UK’s best known insurance and retail brands. Ryan Direct Group has been providing specialist insurance solutions for over 20 years.



Derek Coles, Chief Executive of RDG, has ambitious growth plans for the company. He initially invited Thinking Focus team members to work with the senior team back in 2015, going on to become one of our first clients when Thinking Focus was formed. Their goal was to build on the growth strategy for the next 3-5 years.

Thinking Focus designed a series of workshops specifically for the RDG senior team.  These were focused on testing their level of ambition, challenging assumptions and self-imposed limitations, then focused on specific goals against their desired timeline.  We facilitated the building of their strategy, creating clear action plans and allocating accountabilities for each area pillar and team member.

With a structured review, we challenged the senior team, testing their assumptions and thinking.  We revisited the plan for clarity, purpose and confidence regularly.

The senior team are inclusive, and chose to engage individuals from across the RDG business.  They invited them to take ownership of a pillar and a business project from within the plan.  We equipped these individuals with the Thinking Focus toolkit enabling them to take ownership of their business project, focus on a clear goal and create their project plan. Each member of the senior team sponsored a business project providing support and guidance as required.



RDG’s business performance has seen double-digit growth in revenue over the last 12 months compared to the prior year. This year’s staff survey saw an increase in response rate from 75% to 98% and resulted in an overall employee engagement score of 75%.

From the initial senior Team workshops through to regular reviews with senior team members and other management teams Eighty-four projects were defined and owned by teams and within 12 months. Through applying the Thinking Focus philosophy and tools this has resulted in significant revenue growth, optimisation of business processes, improved customer experiences and a change in culture.

“Ricky & Richard helped us come together as a senior team, providing challenges, guidance, support and tools to enable us to think differently about our business and market. We identified our strategic pillars key to the growth.  They helped us to grow and engage our staff in a more inclusive and proactive culture. The plan we have is now shaping our critical decisions.  Ricky and Richard helped us expand our capability to think and act as a team, which, in turn took us to a whole new level. “

Derek Coles, CEO