What is it like to work with us?

We transfer new skills through our programmes

We deliver programmes to leaders and teams that inspire behavioural change by challenging the way people think. Every project begins with a conversation at a senior level to determine the business objectives and establish a measurable outcome.  We use an action-learning approach, working on current business issues in real time, so as well as getting the behaviours you want, programmes deliver an immediate return on investment, more than paying for themselves.  Our goal is to transfer the tools and techniques we have developed to ensure improved working practices can be adopted and sustained.

Our programmes focus on six key areas:

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We facilitate workshops to help teams achieve more

The biggest asset in your business is your people – and your biggest obstacle is the way they think. All our workshops are designed to challenge the negative thinking patterns and habits that so often creep into day-to-day work life. Our workshops help individuals to find a new attitude, taking on their work with positivity and energy. Expect energy, interactivity and fun, as we inspire and motive people to growth.

Our team works with leaders to explore strategic options, develop plans and kick off projects.  We recognise that the people who understand your business and your marketplace the best are you.  Our approach unleashes the capacity, capability and knowledge of your team to deliver outstanding results.

Do you have a specific issue in your business? Are you anticipating change and need to prepare your team? Whether you’re looking to generate new ideas, define goals or approach issues with greater creativity, our proven methodology will change the way your people think and behave to accelerate improvements in performance.

We can also help when a team hit roadblocks.  From new teams, to teams that need a little help getting on the same page, our approach allows them to let go of the past and unite around common goals and aspirations.

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to find out how we can help you deliver different results in your organisation.

We engage and energise through conference speaking

The next time you book a speaker for your event don’t think about what they’ll cover on the day – think about how your team will behave differently the day after. By booking Thinking Focus for your next conference or team event you’ll be taking the first step towards inspiring a winning mindset throughout your organisation.

We speak on a wide range of topics and can tailor the messaging to a specific issue in your business. Here are just a few examples of topics we have covered:

  • Growth mindset: How the way your people think makes a big impact on your bottom line.
  • Productivity: How to drive efficiency without losing sight of your goals.
  • Developing culture: Engage your team and develop a mindset for success.
  • Leadership: What makes a great leader and how can you learn from their habits and approach?
  • Continuous improvement: How can you achieve CI in your business?
  • Change readiness: Even in uncertain times you can develop resilience to manage change and take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

We are coaches

Across our team we have a varied set of skills and experiences that we offer our clients when we work with them on a one to one basis.  Working with senior leaders and high potentials, or supporting managers through key stages in project and change programmes, we offer personalised support to ensure that they remain at their best whatever the challenges.

Call us on +44 (0) 333 939 8606

to find out how we can help you deliver different results in your organisation.

We have also developed Gamefied Learning

Our gamefied learning solution, ‘What Would You Do?’ was developed in response to a specific client project. It has evolved through real life use within organisations and has become a sought after and effective way of learning through team play and interaction. Find out more about What Would You Do?