“Armo” is a brilliant trainer and relationship builder. His personality is his secret weapon; his charming style can disarm anyone. He’s extremely likeable and memorable and a great verbal communicator, which helps make him an engaging and highly effective facilitator. He also has a natural ability to get people on-side, whether in a workshop, client meeting or in delivery to a group. Rich’s strength is in helping people become aware of their current behaviour, bringing to life things that they can do differently to achieve a more positive outcome.

Richard is our pre-crastinator. He will plan the plan; then go back and plan it again. His goal is to make his workshops both educational and enjoyable, which is evident by his clients returning to work with him time and time again. Rich’s clients trust him, and in today’s climate, that says a lot. We trust him too…to endlessly mock us if any of us dare have an embarrassing moment. Don’t let the charm fool you, he loves taking the mick.

Richard also loves tea and cricket. He might like other things as well, but we will never know as he is too busy talking about tea and cricket…

Richard Armeson