How can I deal with the feedback I am getting?

Let’s face it, none of us really love getting feedback. We know it is important, and helps us grow, It is also hard to hear sometimes and often badly delivered. Sometimes, it feels like it is easier to not be told, even though we know that is not really the right answer!

This podcast is part of a series based on the questions that come up the most in coaching sessions. In this episode, Rob and Ricky explore how feedback can be helpful once you get past the emotive reaction it often creates. They also explore the different types of feedback that you might get and how best to reflect on and take action that will help you grow.

Who am I to lead people?

We are back with new podcasts for 2024, and we are starting the year with some of the questions that we get asked as coaches.   

In this episode, Ricky and Paul explore the question most new leaders ask themselves: What makes me worthy of being a leader? There are several reasons why people pose this question, from self-doubt, to seeing the capability of others (while not seeing our own strengths) or simply not seeing leadership for what it is.

If this is a question you have asked yourself, then this podcast will help you think through all the reasons why you should be a leader, and come to terms with the fact that leaders are rarely experts, and experts are normally too busy exporting to lead.

Leading to Here with Barry Mellis

Join us as we talk to Barry Mellis, who shares his journey from Golf Professional to General Manager for Asics in South Africa and Africa.

Early in his career, he swapped the fairways for selling golf equipment.  Having found his niche in sales, he joined the world’s leading sports brand – Adidas.  He spent 20 years developing and honing his skills, preparing him for opportunities in New Balance and Intersport before finding his way into several senior roles in Asics.   

Barry shares his insight, lessons, and those who influenced his career, highlighting three key people who nurtured his career, which has found its way into Barry’s leadership style as he has paid it forward to his people.  Barry speaks proudly of people who have gone on to greater things, having spent time under his wing.

Why is reflection important in the workplace?

There are moments, often, when we hit milestones that symbolise the end of something (like the end of a year), that we stop and take a moment to look back.  This moments are opportunities to reflect, to learn and to prepare to start again.

Yet, in work, these moments are missed as we jump from project to project, urgent task to urgent task.  Urgency getting in the way of growth, learning and, most importantly, using this wisdom to focus on the things that will have the biggest impact on our goals.

In this podcast, Ricky talks with Paul about the power of these moments, asking why these are so important, yet often undervalued in the workplace.  Of course, they also get into some simple ways that you can make your reflection time more effective and why this does not need to take very much time at all if you do it right.

Leading to Here with Nicola Marshall

Join us as we explore the inspirational story of Nicola Marshall. Nicola ‘Nic’ is a driven and focused individual who combines a demanding role for one of the UK’s best-known brands with being a wife, mum of a teenage daughter and a cockapoo, yet still finds the time to train and compete in marathons and even a triathlon.

Nic is the People Director at Welcome Break, the UK’s largest Motorway Service Area Provider and a member of the Senior Leadership Team of the parent company Applegreen, where she leads the people functions across Welcome Break and Applegreen in the UK, ROI and US and is Chair of the Welcome Break Charitable Fund.

Listen as Nic shares how her passion for people led her from operational roles into the world of people development & HR with some of the UK’s leading hospitality businesses, including Whitbread, Greene King & Travelodge. Nic talks about her hopes, fears, and experiences that have shaped her career and how role models inspired her to succeed.

Why don’t New Years Resolutions work?

It is that time of year, when we start to reflect on the year and promise ourselves that next year will be different. Next year, we will be fitter, healthier, more successful and just so much better. Sadly, for most of us, New Year’s Resolutions have the nasty habit of fading away as life pushes us back to old habits and practices.

So, what if this is the year? What if there is something that you want to change? That is what Ricky wanted, so in this podcast, he finds out from our resident psychologist, Paul, what is required to make your New Year Resolutions stick.

Probably not a surprise, but these tips turn out to work for all goals. So, even if you don’t have the urge to reinvent yourself this podcast offers simple strategies to make sure that you stick at and pursue the goals that matter to you.

How can you become a communication superhero?

In this podcast, Rob and Ricky don their capes and dive into the world of stellar communication.  (what they get up to in their own time is up to them!) What does it take to be a true communication superhero in an era riddled with distractions, impatience, and information overload? 

Being an effective communicator isn’t just about conveying messages; it’s about understanding, connecting, and making an impact. Yet, many of us falter, whether it’s due to a lack of skills, a disregard for respect and courtesy, or simply a scattered focus and lack of purpose in our interactions. 

In this episode, they dissect the critical skills that often go amiss in daily communications.  They look at areas such as the role of respect and courtesy in dialogue and deep into the importance of having a clear focus and purpose behind every word and gesture. 

They also provide actionable steps, techniques, and insights to help you rise above these challenges. It’s time to transition from a communication novice to a true communication superhero.  Capes are optional. 

What are the common communication mistakes that trip us up?

Rob and Ricky as they dive headfirst into the intricate web of common communication pitfalls that leave many of us scratching our heads, wondering, “Where did that go wrong?” 

Have you ever sat through a meeting and thought it was a complete waste of time? We explore the impact of poorly conducted meetings – how they not only drain our time but also our energy and productivity. We’ve all been there, and it’s time to address the elephant in the room. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Assumptions. They say when you assume, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me.” We delve into the dangers of making assumptions in communication, how they lead us astray, and the strategies to avoid them. 

In our digital age, emails have become the backbone of corporate communication. But are they always effective? We discuss the overuse and misuse of email, leading to cluttered inboxes and missed messages. And as if that wasn’t enough, we’re also battling against the tide of information overload. 

Leading to Here with Neil Lloyd

Dive into the riveting story of Neil Lloyd, how a career banker became the Managing Director of a full-service law firm – without even being a lawyer!

Listen as Neil recounts the significance of mentors in his formative years and discover the leadership principles that have guided him seamlessly across starkly different sectors. From sharpening his prowess in banking to architecting growth strategies at FBC Manby Bowdler, Neil’s ascent to Managing Director is nothing short of inspiring.

Neil was recently recognised with an Honorary Fellowship by the University of Wolverhampton, and The Lawyer magazine included him in their Hot 100.

But there’s much more to Neil; off the clock, he’s an avid marathon enthusiast, conquering some of the world’s most iconic races from London to New York.

Join us for a narrative of ambition, adaptability, and passion, and uncover how Neil Lloyd is redefining the boundaries of career trajectories.

How does poor communication impact the workplace?

With an alarming statistic revealing that a staggering 70% of errors in the workplace can be traced back to miscommunication, it’s no wonder that businesses are feeling the pinch. Dive deeper, and you’ll find that poor communication ranks as the number one concern for a majority of businesses, overshadowing even financial concerns or market competition. 

But what really happens when communication goes awry? Trust erodes. The very foundation upon which business relationships are built begins to wobble. Employees start second-guessing, leading to serious doubts about the motives, integrity, and capabilities of their employers. The domino effect of this breakdown? A jaw-dropping cost of £50 – £70 Bn in lost productivity annually. 

But there’s more. As a result of these communicative missteps, 33% of employees report having low morale, feeling disengaged, and disheartened.  

In this episode, Ricky and Rob not only highlight the challenges but also explore solutions and best practices to cultivate an environment of open, transparent, and effective communication.