What’s The Point?

Sometimes (at work) we get a little lost. Maybe our actions are not working, our dreams suddenly appear unattainable, or we become disconnected from the purpose. It may happen slowly over time or can be a sudden upheaval when things around us change.

It can be very disconcerting to feel lost, yet many of us experience it at some point. As coaches, we are frequently asked the question, ‘What’s the point?’.

In this podcast Paul and Ricky explore how people may find themselves lost, and what they can do to reconnect with their purpose, or discover a new purpose that will give them the energy and desire to carry on.

How can I be successful when I don’t have enough time?

Continuing our series of podcasts that explore the most common questions asked in coaching sessions, Rob and Paul explore the very common topic of time in this podcast.  A range of time questions come up, all of which centre around the genuine issue of having more things to do than the time available.

Time management skills are essential to modern working but are only part of the story.  Most of us have jobs where the demands outstrip the time available, and in this episode, Paul and Rob explore the different mindset (and skills) required to ensure that the time you have is used in the best possible way.