What is impression management and why do we do it?

We want people to be authentic in the workplace, to show up as they are, and to be their best selves.  Not only do we want to be authentic because it helps us build trust and better relationships, but it is easier – it takes less work just to be you.

At the same time, we all want to fit it, show off our best bits and look good, so from time to time, we put effort into ensuring that others see us in the way that we want them to.

In this podcast, Rob and Paul explore another way we might ‘get in our own way’, when we start to put some much effort into managing how we are seen, we don’t have enough left in the tank to get things done.

Is perfectionism a problem or an advantage?

Rob and Paul continue this mini-series within The Question Is podcast about some of the different ways that people ‘get in their own way’.  This time we consider perfectionism. 

Could perfectionism be an advantage, or are we confusing high standards, with nothing ever being quite good enough?

Like most traits that get in our way, these habits were once useful, which is why they have become a habit.  Then, out of the blue, the very thing that was helping becomes the thing getting in the way. 

Paul and Rob explore the fine line between driving to excel and perfectionism and discuss strategies for perfectionists to stay on the right side of the line.