How can I improve my confidence?

Confidence is an integral part of our own personal success.  With it we make bolder decisions, try and little harder and frame difficulties as obstacles, without it we become more cautious and only see barriers.  Not having confidence, in ourselves, the people around us or the situations we find ourselves in is one of the most common ways we get in our own way.

In this podcast, Rob and Paul explore what confidence is, and how we get it.  Do we need confidence to do the things we do, or do we get confidence from doing them?  This is the classic psychological chicken and egg…   

Why do I procrastinate when I need to get stuff done?

Ever wondered why you can find so many things to do when you have something important to get done or why social media seems more interesting than the piece of work in front of you?   

Most of us procrastinate from time to time, some of us more than others.  In this podcast, Paul and Ricky explore why we do and how it is often misunderstood (especially by those that don’t do it as much). Importantly, they explore the different strategies for tackling procrastination when it gets in the way.  

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