How can I deal with the feedback I am getting?

Let’s face it, none of us really love getting feedback. We know it is important, and helps us grow, It is also hard to hear sometimes and often badly delivered. Sometimes, it feels like it is easier to not be told, even though we know that is not really the right answer!

This podcast is part of a series based on the questions that come up the most in coaching sessions. In this episode, Rob and Ricky explore how feedback can be helpful once you get past the emotive reaction it often creates. They also explore the different types of feedback that you might get and how best to reflect on and take action that will help you grow.

Who am I to lead people?

We are back with new podcasts for 2024, and we are starting the year with some of the questions that we get asked as coaches.   

In this episode, Ricky and Paul explore the question most new leaders ask themselves: What makes me worthy of being a leader? There are several reasons why people pose this question, from self-doubt, to seeing the capability of others (while not seeing our own strengths) or simply not seeing leadership for what it is.

If this is a question you have asked yourself, then this podcast will help you think through all the reasons why you should be a leader, and come to terms with the fact that leaders are rarely experts, and experts are normally too busy exporting to lead.

Leading to here with Ian James

Join us as we talk to Ian James, who shares his journey from an insurance claims handler to Head of Global Risk and Control for a major global bank. His progressive attitude to risk management stands him out from the crowd, and his desire to be at the inception of ideas means he can be an enabler rather than the nay-sayer when he’s left on the periphery of thinking.

Ian shares how he channelled his early dislike for formal education into his work life as he hoovered up a wide range of knowledge and skills and developed a passion for developing people. This passion extended beyond work as Ian coached a rugby team, developing them from eight years old through to eighteen. He also led a scout group and volunteered to help many Duke of Edinburgh award groups. He’s even turned his hand to judging for Regional Enterprise awards in Birmingham.

Ian’s passion for developing people with exceptional engagement scores in almost every role he has undertaken. He shares how several people influenced him in his career and how he has paid that forward many times.