How can you get s**t done?

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you try and do things and it works, and sometimes you try and things just don’t come together for you?

In this podcast Ricky and Rob talk about three steps in our thinking that leads to getting stuff done. If you can create Clarity about your outcome, be more Creative in your ideas while using Critcial thinking to ensure you focus your energy on the right areas, then you increase your chances of getting stuff done.

At the heart of this is our thinking model Fooodo; you can find out more about FoooDo here
You can also download the O! ideas worksheet

Why do people underperform in Sales (or other roles)? Part 4 – Mindset

People underperform in sales (and other roles) for several reasons, in this podcast we will explore how mindset can be one of the biggest reasons why people underperform. 

Sales can be easier than other roles to spot when people underperform given the metrics available but identifying the factors behind underperformance is not so easy.   

What do we mean by mindset?  Our experience of psychology points to limiting beliefs and assumptions that cause people to get in their own way.  Mark Davies and Ricky Muddimer explore the topic in more detail asking how you can unlock the mindset of your people to free them up to perform.