Is it time to stop time-management and manage you instead?

Someone, probably a past manager, will have talked to you about time management at some point in your working life.  You won’t be alone if these conversations have left you feeling that if you could just organise your time a little bit better, you would suddenly become so much more successful.

In this podcast, Rob and Paul explore this idea and pull apart the myths behind time management, suggesting that the alternative might be just to be better at managing your attention and choices.

Why ‘carrot and stick’ is no longer relevant?

In this episode of the podcast, we explore motivation. 

Ricky and Paul consider why the typical motivational strategy of rewards and consequences (Carrot and Stick) might not be getting the best out of your team.  They consider why this approach is so common when it has such a limited impact, and discuss alternative strategies that will create more engaged and motivated team members.

By the way, sorry about the audio quality on this one. Even though it sounds like it, we can assure you that Paul was not recording from the toilets!