What is imposter syndrome (and how does it affect us)?

The feeling that you are an imposter, doing something you feel unqualified for or that you have no right to do.  Going to work every day with the feeling that this is the day when everyone will realise that you are there by mistake, and it is time for you to go. 

Surprisingly, it is a very common feeling, one that most of us will experience at some point in our working life.  In this episode of the podcast, we continue to explore the different things that we do, getting in our own way.  Richard and Paul talk about imposter syndrome / phenomenon / thoughts (it has many names), look at why it exists, share their experience of having it, and explore strategies that might help you see the feeling in a completely different light.

What happens when we have unrealistic goals?

Can you have a goal that is too big? Or too small?

In this episode of the podcast, Ricky and Rob explore how we can get in our own way when we pick goals that are either too easy or too hard.

They discuss how our belief in our ability to achieve the goal dramatically impacts how we approach it, so the best goals always fall within a ‘goldilocks’ zone of not too hard and not too easy; falling in the zone of just-right like the best porridge! Even when we have the right level of belief, that on its own is not enough. Rob and Ricky explore how the goal needs to be relevant to us, congruent with our overall priorities, before we will truly allocate the time needed to be successful.