“Muddi” is the strategist, the “bigger picture” guy. He has a wonderful ability to make the complex very, very simple. Sometimes his reasoning can stop you in your tracks and make you think “oh yeah”. Ricky is very passionate and if he believes something is right, he is amazing at persuasion and debate. He brings large-scale leadership experience to the table. Ricky offers the perspective of the leadership team in our client projects, with an understanding of how they can use data to drive decisions. He has managed large teams in big business so he is excellent at dealing with challenging people and difficult situations. Ricky’s an inclusive and motivating communicator and a proven leadership facilitator; he provides much of the organisation and energy that moves our own business forward.

All sounds impressive right? He has his faults…he’s a gadget freak. He’s always got the latest and the greatest only to replace them all 3 months later. Just dangle something new and shiny in front of him and his eyes light up like a kid in a candy store. Ever see a cat with a laser pen? Kind of like that…

Ricky Muddimer