“Sniff” is our international man of mystery; you’d be hard pressed to name a country that he has not lived in, visited, or worked in. He’s an awesome facilitator, communicator and trainer; he brings a wealth of international experience to the table.

Rob is unflappable.. always cool and calm, no matter the situation. He has a deep understanding of how people react to change and a keen ability to disarm people. He then, ever so smoothly, helps them identify and embrace the change for themselves. He can handle groups in conflict or groups going through a difficult time, adapting his style and the material in-flight to ensure the group gets the outcome needed to project them forward. His knowledge and insight often help him solve problems a client never even knew they had.

Rob enjoys the finer things in life…fast cars, wine and of course, travel. Rob has (self-proclaimed) high standards…he fancies himself a Michelin Star inspector at every hotel and restaurant he visits. This CLEARLY explains how he ended up with us…

Rob Smith