Is your team carrying baggage from the past?
Do your leaders know how to lead change?
Are the “changes” you’ve made not “sticking”?
Is your company not getting the promised ROI?


The importance for organisations to make change happen quickly is often underestimated by leaders and managers. According to studies 70% of change initiatives fail. People don’t fit into a one size fits all category when it comes to change. Each individual’s experiences from the past and visions of the future inform their ability to pivot in their thinking. Organisations need managers and leaders with the skills to deal with individuals as just that…individuals.

Your business needs to move quickly through changes as they arise; when your business doesn’t accept and adapt to change, you lose time and money. At Thinking Focus we help your leaders understand the intricacies of how people might react to changes both emotionally and rationally, and how to flex and adjust their style to ease people through the transition. Without the “mental” transition, actual change is impossible.


We provide simple, adaptable Thinking Tools and skills to enable your team to understand what is going on in their head at times of change, thus speeding up the time it takes for change to be implemented. Your leaders will spend time exploring what people’s reactions to change might be and how they can help them come to terms with it quickly. Your team will be taking ownership of their own thinking and reactions to change. Small wins will be celebrated and new behaviours and actions will drive improved business results…time and time again.

Do your leaders know how to “lead change” and make those new changes stick without alienating those who need to embrace the change most? Contact Thinking Focus and let us help your leaders ease your company through the challenges of change and drive your business forward.