Why is reflection important in the workplace?

There are moments, often, when we hit milestones that symbolise the end of something (like the end of a year), that we stop and take a moment to look back.  This moments are opportunities to reflect, to learn and to prepare to start again.

Yet, in work, these moments are missed as we jump from project to project, urgent task to urgent task.  Urgency getting in the way of growth, learning and, most importantly, using this wisdom to focus on the things that will have the biggest impact on our goals.

In this podcast, Ricky talks with Paul about the power of these moments, asking why these are so important, yet often undervalued in the workplace.  Of course, they also get into some simple ways that you can make your reflection time more effective and why this does not need to take very much time at all if you do it right.

Leading to Here with Nicola Marshall

Join us as we explore the inspirational story of Nicola Marshall. Nicola ‘Nic’ is a driven and focused individual who combines a demanding role for one of the UK’s best-known brands with being a wife, mum of a teenage daughter and a cockapoo, yet still finds the time to train and compete in marathons and even a triathlon.

Nic is the People Director at Welcome Break, the UK’s largest Motorway Service Area Provider and a member of the Senior Leadership Team of the parent company Applegreen, where she leads the people functions across Welcome Break and Applegreen in the UK, ROI and US and is Chair of the Welcome Break Charitable Fund.

Listen as Nic shares how her passion for people led her from operational roles into the world of people development & HR with some of the UK’s leading hospitality businesses, including Whitbread, Greene King & Travelodge. Nic talks about her hopes, fears, and experiences that have shaped her career and how role models inspired her to succeed.

Why don’t New Years Resolutions work?

It is that time of year, when we start to reflect on the year and promise ourselves that next year will be different. Next year, we will be fitter, healthier, more successful and just so much better. Sadly, for most of us, New Year’s Resolutions have the nasty habit of fading away as life pushes us back to old habits and practices.

So, what if this is the year? What if there is something that you want to change? That is what Ricky wanted, so in this podcast, he finds out from our resident psychologist, Paul, what is required to make your New Year Resolutions stick.

Probably not a surprise, but these tips turn out to work for all goals. So, even if you don’t have the urge to reinvent yourself this podcast offers simple strategies to make sure that you stick at and pursue the goals that matter to you.