Leading to Here with Steve Britton

This latest episode of Leading to Here is a must-listen; Steve Britton shares his story, his journey to here that includes a life-changing experience as he turned up to a football match looking forward to seeing his beloved Liverpool FC in the 1989 FA Cup semi-final that quickly descended into a tragedy.

Listen to how Steve navigated life in the immediate aftermath and how another life-changing moment meant he had to take a job before embracing every opportunity that came his way. Hear how he transitioned from ‘old-school’ into a modern people-focused leader who leads with passion and energy and someone who proudly says, “I love my job.”

How do I become comfortable with uncertainty?

Uncertainty has become a very present factor of modern working life, yet almost all of us crave certainty and spend a lot of our time and effort working very hard to create as much of it as we can.  Only to find that uncertainty often wins out!

In this podcast, part of a mini-series looking at the questions and topics that often come up in coaching sessions, Richard and Paul dive into the world of uncertainty.  They explore some of the ways that we can ensure that we don’t get stuck waiting for certainty, or derailed when the world gets messy. 

Uncertainty can feel disorienting and makes decisions far more complex, yet we can all learn the skills that enable us to lead, work, and succeed in an uncertain world.

What are my values?

Another podcast in our mini series exploring some of the questions that come up in coaching sessions, in this episode of the podcast, Richard and Paul discuss the questions that is asked without ever being asked, what are my values?

Values are at the heart of behaviours, driving both purpose and actions. Yet, we are often oblivious to them and their impact on our decisions and perceptions of the world.  Paul and Richard explore their influence on our lives, how you can find out what your values are, and the ways they change at different stages of our lives.