How can I improve my self-esteem?

When asked, ‘what gets in your way?’, most of us have the same answer.  Me!

However hard we try, we cannot get out of our own way.  We spend our life erecting barriers for us to them climb over, acting like a critic and sometimes even being a bully to ourselves.

This is the first of several podcasts exploring the different ways we get in our own way and looking at some simple things that any of us can do to reduce self-inflicted barriers.  Getting in your own way is perfectly normal, but you don’t have to accept it as being inevitable.

In this first podcast, Rob and Rich explore self-esteem.  How do we understand that we have self-worth in a hyperconnected world where we are asked to compare to highly edited versions of everyone else, yet we have a warts and all version of ourselves?

How does thinking fast and slow effect leadership?

The idea that we think fast and slow (Daniel Kahneman) or like a chimp and a human (Steve Peters) has moved from the world of psychology and now is part of everyday understandings of human behaviour.  So, what is the impact of these two different ways of thinking have on leadership in organisations, and which one should leaders be using?

Ricky and Rich discuss their observation of working with leaders and how their thinking drives the results and behaviours in themselves and their followers.  Where does fast thinking work, and where might slow thinking have the advantage?