Here’s how it works


You bring six to eight colleagues together to discuss and debate the best way to tackle everyday situations.

The gameplay creates a safe environment, using progression and jeopardy to make the learning fun.

Highly flexible, schedule in short high impact sessions when it suits you or take advantage of unexpected downtime.

You can play for an hour, or select one card and play for 15 minutes, WWYD puts you in control.

The structure of learning into gameplay creates a safe environment, removed from the ‘rules’ of normal business operations.  Games allow participants to be more open about what they really think and believe.

Players are required to make a public commitment about their future behaviour in front of their peers, increasing the individual’s personal commitment to that kind of behaviour.  It is very difficult to repeatedly say you will act in a particular way and then actually do something different.

The nature of game play allows the player to experiment in making decisions where they have either limited time or information.  Often managers are paralysed by uncertainty in the workplace, hesitant to take action without all the facts and therefore allowing problems to escalate.

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to understand how the structure of the game ensures that new behaviours are generated