What Would You Do?’ is a game designed to bring peers together in order to work through business issues in a fun, engaging way. WWYD challenges and encourages teams to learn from one another through cost-effective, flexible gamified learning. This unique and creative business solution was sparked when our client presented us with a challenge…and we accepted.


We have great relationships with all our clients, and Adient Plc is no different. Last year they approached us with a challenge: could we make our high impact methodology and toolset accessible to more of their people? They had identified their First Line Managers (FLM) as having particular development needs.  The FLMs have the most influence on the workforce; they are critical to the smooth running of their operations and central to an engaged workforce.

Traditional training was simply not going to work. Courses are expensive and would take them away from the line for too long, and time is money. The “Sheep Dip Approach” lacks impact and never delivers new behaviours. They were looking for a solution that would be light touch, repeatable and deliver behaviour change. Above all, it needed to resonate and work for the First Line Managers.

Drawing on all of our experiences we were challenged to develop a solution that would hit the mark on all levels. Our solution needed to:

  • Be fun and engaging
  • Challenge individuals to think differently and improve their behaviours
  • Be cost-effective, flexible and highly customisable to any operation

We explored a variety of prototypes and iterations, testing our designs with a variety of clients from different sectors and role types. Feedback was unanimous; our solution would work.  After testing our prototypes and receiving great feedback, we presented ‘What Would You Do?’ to our clients and…THEY LOVED IT! We’ve even developed variations to mix it up!

‘What Would You Do?’ will launch for managers, followed by additional variations for other roles.
WWYD is customisable and flexible, fitting within a company’s time constraints and current operational needs.

‘What Would You Do?’ is highly cost effective, requires no preparation and can be played straight out of the box, whether pre-planned or by utilizing some unexpected downtime.

What Would You Do?…Changing Behaviors Through Gamified Learning.

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