Experience the power of ‘What Would You Do?’ for yourself

The easiest way to understand the potential of ‘What Would You Do?’ in your organisation is to play the game yourself.

Our short introductory sessions are designed for managers and learning professionals, helping you to understand how the game changes behaviours, as well as experiencing how fun it is to play.

We are running a series of events designed to allow learning professionals and managers understand how WWYD drives behavioural change and develops management skills.  The sessions start with a short overview of the game mechanic and some of the psychology that was used in the product design.  However, we know that the best way to really understand What Would You Do? is to play the game for yourself.


Find out more about WWYD for your organisation

Are you responsible for the development of managers and team leaders?

This event will introduce you to the latest innovation from Thinking Focus – What Would You Do?.

What Would You Do? is a game-based learning solution which brings peers together to discuss and debate everyday issues faced by managers before deciding how best to proceed.

Combining psychological safety, peer-assisted learning and public commitment, What Would You Do? causes groups to change behaviour over time.

It is designed to support modern working practices where conflict exists between delivering objectives and developing managers. What Would You Do? brings a flexible and cost-effective solution which will complement every learning strategy.

So join us for some fun and games and we will show you what game-based learning can do for your people.

Become a WWYD Partner

Are you…

  • A consultant, trainer or freelancer focused on people development for your clients?
  • Looking for new ways to engage your clients and deliver results for them?
  • Wanting to earn extra income from your client base?

Then take a look at What Would You Do?, the latest learning product innovation from Thinking Focus. It’s designed to solve these key client issues:

  • The conflict between delivering objectives and developing managers
  • The lack of sustainable impact and the high cost of traditional training
  • The lack of flexibility of traditional training combined with the need to pre-plan interventions

What Would You Do? is a game-based learning solution that has been designed to solve these issues. It:

  • Offers you a new client solution that is a fun and engaging way to develop managers
  • Expands your portfolio, enabling you to build or up-sell your own complementary solutions
  • Pays you referral commission for every game your clients buy